Feedback to Feed Forward

As a leader, you know that feedback is essential to teachers’ growth and development. But crafting the right feedback can be daunting. How do you conduct comprehensive observations, accurately analyze lessons for effectiveness, and develop high-leverage action steps that bring lasting change to teacher practices and student outcomes?

This how-to book, designed for leaders in all roles and at all experience levels, provides a dynamic yet practical leadership model focused on precisely those key tasks. Features include

  • Comprehensive explanations of standards and descriptions of discrete core skills
  • Explicit think-alouds, ready-to-use strategies, and field-tested lesson examples
  • Evidence-collection notes—with templates—from live observations
  • Feedback samples across grade levels and content areas
  • Replicable case studies for professional learning

Simply inspecting teaching practice through observation might be easy; providing feedback that feeds forward and promotes growth is far more challenging. With this comprehensive learning tool, you’ll use feedback to make the most of your role as a leader of learning—for both teachers and students.

"Leading learning meets specificity! Tepper and Flynn take the most powerful strategy for change we know—feedback— and comprehensively break it down into themes that are well-grounded in theory and practice. Treat Feedback to Feed Forward as a master cookbook. Look for what you need and delve into it with a connoisseur’s appetite".-Michael Fullan

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ReVISION Learning works with our partners to enhance student achivement through reflective practice. We train education professionals to increase teacher capacity through the delivery of high quality feedback.

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We model and provide school adminstrators with the same high quality feedback teachers and students deserve.

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Our professional learning design begins and ends with the ReVISION Learning Supervisory Continuum, a research based instrument we use to increase educational leadership in your district. We developed our framework using six core competencies required for effective evaluation.

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